Jan 7, 2013

Korean style BEEF TARTARE - "yokhoe"

Beef Tartare is a dish consisting of raw beef and various garnishes, i.e. raw egg yolk, onion and pickled vegetables. In Norway we eat beef tartare with egg yolk, onion, pickled red beets, capers and pickled cornichon. Usually the beef is added some worchestershiresauce, salt and back pepper to taste.

This Korean style beef tartare is marinated and suitable as a first course or as a perfect lunch in a lowcarb diet, or why not when you're craving some proteins!

You get umami from the meat, soy sauce and fish sauce. Garlic and vinegar enhances development of free glutamate in the small meatstrips as well.

This is a recipe for 4 persons as a small appetizing first course.  

Use best quality fresh ingredients, preferably sirloin beef, cut in julienne (matchstick sized strips).

250g ½ pound sirloin beef from grassfed beef
1,5tbs soy sauce
2ts fish sauce
1 ts fluid neutral tasting honey  
2tbs sesamy oil (roasted)
1/2ts rice vinegar
4 cloves garlic, crushed and finely minced
Pinch of chilipepper to taste
Pine nuts or sesame seeds- roasted
Crunchy lettuce as plates
(4 egg yolks from quail with some added salt, optional)

Roast pine nuts or sesame seeds in a dry pan over medium heat.
Rinse salad leafs to use as plates and keep chilled in frigde or ice cold water
Chop beef in matchstick sized strips
Mix ingredients of marinade and add beef, seeds/nuts and serve immediately with a raw egg yolk as topping.


If you have to roast sesame seeds yourselfes, be patient.  It might take you 10 to 15 minutes so why not roast a bigger portion. You can store them in the frigde for later use anyway!

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